The Best SEO Tools For Your Online Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization becomes a need for every website. If you want to grow in the digital world, you must maintain a high rank in SERP. However, it often seems to be a tough job if it mostly depends on manual intervention. The sigh of relief is that some of the best SEO tools are available in the market. Just compare the features and opt for the best fit for you. The post is about nine best-in-class SEO tools. You will get powerful SEO support and expect to boost your ranking with proper efforts.

09 Best Seo Tools For Your Online Business.

Yoast SEO Plugin.

Best Seo Tools - Yoast SEO Plugin

Are you searching for the best SEO plugin for WordPress? Yoast SEO is one of the best options. The extensive functionalities will help you in website optimization. This plug-in features inbuilt content analysis convenience.

Moreover, you can also manage meta descriptions and keywords. It is also possible to control duplicate content and optimize social media. With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can expect to get more traffic for your website.

Furthermore, XML sitemaps and the provision of choosing one focus keyword are also there. You will also get help to boost your content’s SEO score. Yoast SEO Plug-in is available in free. However, the price of a single website license of Yoast SEO WordPress starts at $69/year.

SEOPress Plugin.

Best Seo Tools - SEOPress Plugin

Once you configure SEOPress Plugin, you will detect many similarities with Yoast. This plug-in enables users to edit many aspects of their content. As a result, it is possible to change heading, meta description, etc. The Best WordPress Seo Plugin And SEOPress can be synonymous with each other.

Moreover, the XML site map and Google Analytics connection facility are also there. Also, it comes with a social network facility. You can check Alexa Rank of your website with this plug-in. SEOPress Plugin can also check Schemas, Broken Links, HTAccess, Video sitemap, etc.

Best Seo Tools - search engine optimization tools

The free trial is not available but the core plug-in comes free of cost. However, Pro membership costs $39/year. The best part is that the paid version is available for unlimited websites.

All in One SEO Pack.

Best Seo Tools - All in One SEO Pack Plugin

Are you searching for one of the best SEO WordPress plugins? Then, you can consider choosing All in One SEO Pack. It is a comprehensive SEO solution, which comes as the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

You just need to go to the “General Settings” of the plug-in. And voila! You can set up its global settings. You can set up various features in All in One SEO Pack Plugin. They include XML Sitemaps, Importer & Exporter, Social Meta, and so on.

Best Seo Tools - seo plugins for WordPress

Upgrading the paid version enables users to watch video tutorials. Moreover, you will also get tremendous WooCommerce support and various other facilities.

The pro version of All in One SEO Pack prices at $79/year.

Best WordPress Seo Plugin – BAVOKO SEO Plugin.

Best Seo Tools - BAVOKO SEO Plugin

Do you want support for SEO for WordPress? Then, you can opt for a BAVOKO SEO plug-in. Once you configure the plug-in, it will start scanning the present content. Moreover, it will also draw data from various places, such as Google Analytics, etc. As a result, you will get the SEO rank of your website.

You can also check on-page SEO or performance of your page. If you choose to use the unpaid version, you will get the limited functionalities. However, the paid version comes with more facilities, such as backlinks. You can use BAVOKO SEO Plugin at free of cost. However, the premium version initiates at $19.99/month.

Rank Math-Best WordPress SEO Plugin.

Best Seo Tools - Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin

If you are looking for a best-in-class WordPress SEO plug-in, you can choose Rank Math. It comes with the Data Import feature. It can import Plugin Data, Settings, and so on.

Moreover, the built-in 404 error checking as well as redirection is also commendable. Furthermore, Rank Math SEO plug-in comes with eleven Rich Snippet variations. It is possible to opt for any of them, as per your requirement.

Best Seo Tools - Best WordPress SEO Plugin

The plug-in also features SEO Audit Tool, Role Management System, and brilliant support. You do not need to invest to use Rank Math SEO plug-in.

WordPress SEO Plugin-Seopressor.

Are you looking for WordPress SEO tips? You can rely on feature-rich SEO plug-ins. You can start using SEOPressor.

Content optimization is one of the key factors for SEO. Therefore, this plug-in comes with the SEOPressor score feature. Moreover, you will also get suggestions for LSI keywords. It also offers suggested optimization so that you can boost your page’s SEO.

SEOPressor will help you to analyze the performance of your website. Moreover, you can also control your website with the ace. The cost of this WordPress SEO Plugin is $9/month.

Moz Pro SEO Tool.

Best Seo Tools - Moz Pro SEO Tool

You can also take the help of Moz Pro SEO to boost your site’s SEO. By taking the subscription, you can track your website.

Moreover, you can also know about various factors of your website. It includes link building, keyword efficacy, and your site’s status.


Furthermore, it comes with brilliant research tools to analyze competitors. It will further help you to find out effective keywords for your site. Hence, you should not forget to use Moz keyword explorer. The cost of Moz Pro initiates at $99 per month. Moreover, you can also take a 30-day trial without any investment.

Ahrefs SEO Tool.

Best Seo Tools - Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs SEO Tool provides an organic search report. As a result, you can figure out the search traffic of other websites. Moreover, you can also find out the keyword sets, which helped your competitors’ site to rank.

Ahrefs also features brilliant customer support and customized learning materials. This tool comes with four pricing plans.

Google Keyword Planner-SEO Tool

You can also take the help of a Google keyword planner to improve your site’s SEO. Moreover, it is completely free.

The correct set of keywords is essential to boost your ranking. Are you thinking of pay-per-click campaigns? Then, Google AdWords keyword planner is an ideal solution for you. You can find out proper keyword sets for your campaign. The Google AdWords keyword tool will also help with regular budget suggestions.

Wrapping Up

Now, you are familiar with the best SEO tools. First, you need to estimate your budget and then start analyzing the features. Moreover, you can also take a free trial to figure out a tool (wherever applicable).

Which of the SEO tool do you prefer the most?

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